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Wiki for internal KB


I'm looking for a engine for internal KB system.
We would like to organize current documents in a tree, so this requirement impacts features:
1) Tree form - A document has to have a place (category, parent document, etc... ) in a tree
2) User can not create "free" documents, it has to be a part of a tree
3) When you open a document "X", you can list all documents under that doc.
4) Good support for images/photos. Our KB based on photos and we have to have a good interface to upload it

Additional, nice features:
5) Nice URLs like: /group1, /group1/doc1 /group1/doc1/child1

I was testing a MediaWiki, TWiki and other documents and it's hard to implement our features in such engines without code modification.

Does anyone know a wiki/CMS system to handle such KB system?



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Re: Wiki for internal KB


EditMe has these features. The always-visible menu area shows the pages in a site. A hierarchy is created by creating parent/child relationships between pages. The navigation tree expands to the current page to show parents, siblings and child pages. All new pages are added to the top of the tree unless otherwise specified, and you can control default placement with template pages. Check it out, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Matt Wiseley
EditMe - Edit your web.



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Re: Wiki for internal KB


You should be able to perform all these tasks in SamePage:

SamePage has an intuitive project-page hierarchy that allows you to easily create a parent-child page hierarchy with no hassle. Also, one can easily upload images inside pages. SamePage has the concept of a 'short link' - a way of assigning a short URL to each Wiki page.

Best regards,

SamePage team

Disclaimer: I am representing SamePage on this Forum



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