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Adding Accessibility Feature Comparison


I am looking at a wiki for a municipal government website. It is important for content creators (especially in public positions) to take a little time and extra effort to create websites that can be used by people with vision problems or blindness.

I'd like box on this website that tells if the wiki software has features that help in creating web content that makes it easy to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. I would like for a wiki that atleast allows the creator to create content that helps meet the Priority 1 of these Guidelines where it makes sense. One example is providing 'alt' tags for descriptions of pictures or captions of the pictures (checkpoing 1.1).

Priorties Section 4. of WCAG

In the US we have similar Federal guidelines known as Section 508, which I really don't know much about.

Another big feature concerning Accessibility is if the website separates content and design. So, providing a Cascading Style Sheet that separates the design from the XHTML page. A table based web design is generally not considered accessible because it can confuse screen readers about what content is should read first.

I appologize if this post is as clear as mud. I don't think I've clearly explained my needs in my particular application of wikis. At any rate, this is a complicated issue that is not as easy as saying if a wiki supports Emoticons.




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Re: Adding Accessibility Feature Comparison

Is there anybody with more information on this subject? (WCAG and selecting a Wiki)



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Re: Adding Accessibility Feature Comparison

I strongly support this proposal. At WikkaWiki we have been working to introduce in the next major release full support for accessibility features in HTML tables and to enforce the use of alt parameters in images. I would love to be able to specify this (or a degree of WCAG compliancy) in the matrix.

Wikka Development Team
WikkaWiki @ wikimatrix



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Re: Adding Accessibility Feature Comparison

Add another +1 for this. Accessibility features are a must for me, as several of my friends have VI or mobility issues. Plus, accessibility tends to benefit everyone in ways that aren't always immediately apparent and often enhances usability across the board. When you add in the accessibility requirements of various governments, businesses, and school systems, then putting this info into the matrix is a no-brainer.



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Re: Adding Accessibility Feature Comparison

Yep, +1 to add accessibility to the list of features for a wiki.

At XWiki we've had to work for government agencies and WCAG support was a requirement and as a consequence we've fixed and improved XWiki so that it's is WCAG-compliant. We even have automated a lot of those tests to be sure we don't introduce regressions when we add new features.



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