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Online Poll on Wikis in Enterprises

Tim Bartel is Student at the University of Cologne and is writing his diploma thesis on Wikis and needs input from different businesses and how they use Wikis.

The poll is in German and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Careful: I'm the lead developer of WikiMatrix and DokuWiki so my posts may be biased ;-)



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Re: Online Poll on Wikis in Enterprises

It took a long time, but after many people asked the survey is now available in english to reach a broader audience.
Feel free to take it here:

A lot of enterprises use wiki technology today. Scientific research on this subject thus far has only been sporadic. Aim of the survey "Wikis in Enterprises" is the examination of the factors which work in favor or disfavor for the use of wikis in enterprises. These factors can for example be the affiliation to a business sector, the size of an enterprise, the listing or the outsourcing of IT activities. Dependencies between these factors may also lead to interesting conclusions.

The survey adresses enterprises of any size and also enterprises not using a wiki. It is held short on purpose and answering it will take only 5-10 minutes at most (like andi said - I guarantee it :-).

Thanks, Tim.



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