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Choices for research collaboration?

I am looking for recommendations for wiki(s) with the following essentials:

* workspaces or robust support for groups with private areas, etc.
* web-based access to group administration
* fine-grained page and group-level permissions
* WYSIWYG editing

We prefer free and open source, but are looking at paid products if they have what we need.  Currently looking at SamePage and Confluence;  would like to hear about others.

Thanks --



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Re: Choices for research collaboration?

@rscrane - May I suggest MindTouch. MindTouch is an *open source* product help wiki. Our customers use MindTouch as a product help wiki, knowledge base, collaborative authoring platform and more. Like I said, we are open source and do offer a community (free) edition of our software. This may be a feasible option for your needs, as well. You can learn more at our developer community:

Some additional features/functionality of our commercial edition include:
- WYSIWYG editing
- Page & Group Level-Specific Permissioning
- Collaborative (Multi-user) Content Authoring
- Workflows and Moderation
- Community Scoring and Feedback
- Content Curation Analytics
- Adaptive Search
- Notifications
- Self-Organizing Content
- LDAP/Active Directory Authentication and Permissioning
- Desktop, Office, and Application Connectors

You can learn more about MindTouch TCS, our product help solution, at

Please let me know if you have any questions about MindTouch. I will be more than happy to assist.

Corey Ganser
Customer Support Manager



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Re: Choices for research collaboration?


Glad to know that you are researching SamePage. Please feel to contact us as with questions.

Best Regards,

SamePage Team

Disclaimer: I am representing SamePage on this Forum



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