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Mozilla Selects MindTouch as Future Platform for Developer Community

San Diego, Calif., May 7, 2008 - MindTouch today announced the release of MindTouch Deki Wiki “Jay Cooke” v8.05––the latest version of its award-winning open source enterprise collaboration and integration platform. The Deki Wiki v8.05 release was driven in part by the requirements of Mozilla, which selected MindTouch for the upcoming re-launch of their Mozilla Developer Community.

MindTouch Deki Wiki v8.05 continues MindTouch’s tradition of bleeding edge technology with innovations in internationalization/localization, search, user management, integrated scripting, automation, mash-ups, user experience and more… Specifically, this new release revolutionizes multilingual content management. Previously, Mozilla managed 16 distinct sites, one for each language. Deki Wiki v8.05 introduces a new polyglot feature that allows Mozilla to host all languages as a single site. Now language can be specified by sections and pages thereby automatically adapting the user interface of Deki Wiki to the appropriate language. Also, users may search across all languages and search results are prioritized by the user’s default language. Lastly, Deki Wiki v8.05 supports OpenSearch, which makes integrating search with other applications nearly automatic.

In order to meet the needs of Mozilla’s large and open community, v8.05 also includes new sophisticated tools for IP and user banning, transactional page management, the addition of MediaWiki-like talk pages and provides new functionality that matches and exceeds MediaWiki templates. With the addition of more than 100 new functions added to the DekiScript runtime, a built-in scripting language that’s point-and-click simple, v8.05 continues to lead as the most powerful platform for connecting enterprise systems, web-services, and Web 2.0 applications. Now it’s easier than ever to create content, systems automation, dynamic reports, and situational applications. 

In MindTouch’s continuing effort to lead the market with the absolute best user experience this release includes several improvements that, yet again, raises the bar for the industry. Some of these improvements are: an all new file uploader, improved dialogs and on-the-fly content transforms that allow users to specify selections of text for syntax highlighting, SVG, LaTex, various graphs, and more… Moreover, adding new content transforms is a trivial matter for a site admin and takes only minutes.

The new file uploader exemplifies MindTouch’s passion for a quality user experience.

MindTouch Deki Wiki is the only platform that delivers polyglot, content transforms, and allows users to connect systems and easily create data mashups, situational apps, and more… And does so with point-and-click ease.

MindTouch’s Web Oriented Architecture, feature set, and user experience were reasons cited by Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Chief Evangelist, for having selecting Deki Wiki after an extensive evaluation of vendors. “I’m looking forward to deploying Deki Wiki for the Mozilla Developer Center; especially with the enhancements that the Jay Cooke release brings,” said Shaver, “Mozilla believes in the power of the web to bring people together in wonderfully collaborative ways and MindTouch Deki Wiki’s extensibility and flexible architecture will allow us bring more of this to our developer community. The opportunity to easily create our own tools and extensions on top of Deki’s extensive API is sure to inspire some great improvements from our community.”

Corey Ganser
Customer Support Manager


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