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Customer wiki type help

I am interested in providing customers with a WIKI help site.  We offer a product that is highly configurable and providing one help site or document is nearly impossible.  I would like to provide a baseline wiki and allow the customers to control the content by editing those articles.  There are several customer sites and each would require their own wiki (however, I would provide the same baseline to all). 

Therefore, our admin level customers would be managing the content for their end users and we would provide notifications of possible content updates with new product releases.  I would like a recommendation on a product that will allow us to do this and possible push updates out to customers and allow them to make avaialble to end users or hide.  Also, it is important that the product supplies some form of version control.  Lastly, we need the product to run on DB2 (preferrably, not SQL).  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.



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Re: Customer wiki type help

This sounds like a custom project for TWiki or another enterprise wiki. Here is how I would approach it:

* One extranet wiki in DMZ contains the baseline documentation maintained by your employees.
* One wiki per customer, embedded in your product.
* The embedded wiki has:
  * replicated data from your extranet wiki, synchronized nightly
  * customer maintained wiki pages
* replicated data can be shown in customer maintained wiki pages using transclusions

If interested, TWIKI.NET's professional services group can help you realize this, contact info at

The open source TWiki is listed on WikiMatrix at

-- peter.thoeny.public [at] twiki [dot] net - -



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Re: Customer wiki type help

I realize this is a reply to an old post, but thought the community would benefit from learning of the advancements that MindTouch has made recently around product help wikis.  We heard the need loud and clear and after many months (even years) of industry research, we've released MindTouch TCS - a product designed for building not just product help sites, but product help communities. You can read the details here:

Companies like Autodesk, Intuit, RightScale and ExactTarget have already build their help sites with our solution.

Corey Ganser
Customer Support Manager



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