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This page shows how often the detail view of each wiki listed at WikiMatrix was viewed by our users in the last 30 days.

Please note that this is not an indicator of how „good“ a Wiki engine is or how popular it is in general, but merely points you to the most popular Wikis at WikiMatrix. Please also note that Wikis which link back to their WikiMatrix detail pages from their own homepages will rank higher.

Remember: The most popular Wiki does not necessarily need to be the right Wiki for your needs! Don't choose a Wiki by (maybe obscure) popularity rankings only!

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Wiki Views
DokuWiki 3568Details for DokuWiki
TWiki 2120Details for TWiki
WikiNi 2084Details for WikiNi
Drupal Wiki 1384Details for Drupal Wiki
MediaWiki 1230Details for MediaWiki
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 1130Details for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
Confluence 988Details for Confluence
MoinMoin 914Details for MoinMoin
Foswiki 833Details for Foswiki
MindTouch 700Details for MindTouch
Zim 668Details for Zim
Traction TeamPage 632Details for Traction TeamPage
SharePoint Wiki Plus 614Details for SharePoint Wiki Plus
BlueSpice for MediaWiki 583Details for BlueSpice for MediaWiki
XWiki 565Details for XWiki
PmWiki 512Details for PmWiki
JSPWiki 490Details for JSPWiki
Zoho Wiki 481Details for Zoho Wiki
Wikispaces 470Details for Wikispaces
PhpWiki 462Details for PhpWiki
3F Wiki 457Details for 3F Wiki
TiddlyWiki 457Details for TiddlyWiki
bitweaver 455Details for bitweaver
alphawiki 434Details for alphawiki
CentralDesktop 426Details for CentralDesktop
ScrewTurn Wiki 421Details for ScrewTurn Wiki
Banana Dance 414Details for Banana Dance
Git-Wiki 404Details for Git-Wiki
Incentive 394Details for Incentive
KeheiWiki 390Details for KeheiWiki
GeniusWiki 382Details for GeniusWiki
EditMe 381Details for EditMe
Roadkill 376Details for Roadkill
FlexWiki 358Details for FlexWiki
BoltWire 351Details for BoltWire
SamePage 334Details for SamePage
Wetpaint 328Details for Wetpaint
BrainKeeper 324Details for BrainKeeper
Corendal Wiki 318Details for Corendal Wiki
WackoWiki 312Details for WackoWiki
PBwiki 309Details for PBwiki
6of5 Wiki 309Details for 6of5 Wiki
WikkaWiki 307Details for WikkaWiki
Wiki on a Stick 305Details for Wiki on a Stick
GWiki 294Details for GWiki
MojoMojo 292Details for MojoMojo
Anwiki 291Details for Anwiki
Daisy 289Details for Daisy
Wikidot 289Details for Wikidot
Socialtext 287Details for Socialtext
Instiki 284Details for Instiki
gitit 282Details for gitit
MoniWiki 281Details for MoniWiki
iKnow - a tiny wiki 281Details for iKnow - a tiny wiki
Clearspace 279Details for Clearspace
Midgard Wiki 279Details for Midgard Wiki
ErfurtWiki 277Details for ErfurtWiki
Aneuch 275Details for Aneuch
Cospire 271Details for Cospire
TracWiki 262Details for TracWiki
bLADE Wiki 260Details for bLADE Wiki
ikiwiki 259Details for ikiwiki
Hackpad 258Details for Hackpad
Netcipia 258Details for Netcipia
Bloomfire 258Details for Bloomfire
sahriswiki 250Details for sahriswiki
Wikia 248Details for Wikia
WikyBlog 248Details for WikyBlog
ThoughtFarmer 248Details for ThoughtFarmer
Luminotes 246Details for Luminotes
OpenWikiNG 243Details for OpenWikiNG
ConnectedText 239Details for ConnectedText
ButorWiki 234Details for ButorWiki
Triki-Wiki 233Details for Triki-Wiki
WikiPack 231Details for WikiPack
codeBeamer 230Details for codeBeamer
Giki 229Details for Giki
CanvasWiki 227Details for CanvasWiki
SMW plus 220Details for SMW plus
Oddmuse 217Details for Oddmuse
Zwiki 215Details for Zwiki
PicoWiki 212Details for PicoWiki
Wiclear 212Details for Wiclear
Wiki-Toolkit 209Details for Wiki-Toolkit
Friki 209Details for Friki
PukiWiki 208Details for PukiWiki
miniWiki 207Details for miniWiki
cyWiki 207Details for cyWiki 201Details for
Gazest 198Details for Gazest
GeboGebo 198Details for GeboGebo
Papyrs 197Details for Papyrs
PageWork 192Details for PageWork
LynxWiki 191Details for LynxWiki
Wagn 188Details for Wagn
UseMod 186Details for UseMod
Hatta 186Details for Hatta
Wala Wiki 183Details for Wala Wiki
Personal PPC Wiki 179Details for Personal PPC Wiki
Pimki 178Details for Pimki
IkeWiki 177Details for IkeWiki
JAMWiki 176Details for JAMWiki
LionWiki 176Details for LionWiki
giewiki 174Details for giewiki
Swirrl 173Details for Swirrl
Intodit 173Details for Intodit
PAUX 169Details for PAUX
JaWiki 169Details for JaWiki
Groupswiki 169Details for Groupswiki
WikiDoc 168Details for WikiDoc
Sputnik 168Details for Sputnik
Muster Wiki 167Details for Muster Wiki
Pier 166Details for Pier
XoWiki 166Details for XoWiki
wxWikiServer 166Details for wxWikiServer
Portili Team Wiki 166Details for Portili Team Wiki
Wiki CSharp .NET 165Details for Wiki CSharp .NET
UniWakka 164Details for UniWakka
ProjectForum 164Details for ProjectForum
mobiki 162Details for mobiki
WikiCrowd 161Details for WikiCrowd
WikiSH 160Details for WikiSH
ProWiki 159Details for ProWiki
Wiki Spot 159Details for Wiki Spot 159Details for
WikiASP 156Details for WikiASP
WiGit 154Details for WiGit
Jacwiki 153Details for Jacwiki
JOTWiki 152Details for JOTWiki
PodWiki 150Details for PodWiki
MoasdaWiki 150Details for MoasdaWiki
yawiki 149Details for yawiki
Sycamore 149Details for Sycamore
nexdo 147Details for nexdo
Wikepage 147Details for Wikepage
KWikiKWiki 146Details for KWikiKWiki
ProntoWiki 142Details for ProntoWiki
KeiSpade 140Details for KeiSpade
VQWiki 137Details for VQWiki
LunaWiki 135Details for LunaWiki
SubWiki 133Details for SubWiki
@Wiki 131Details for @Wiki
Wicked 130Details for Wicked
Riki 121Details for Riki
WordonWiki 121Details for WordonWiki
Springnote 103Details for Springnote
BusinessWiki 74Details for BusinessWiki
HDWiki 73Details for HDWiki
JotSpot 70Details for JotSpot
UserPress 67Details for UserPress
MicKI 62Details for MicKI
Metadot Wiki 55Details for Metadot Wiki
DidiWiki 55Details for DidiWiki
ClearWiki 51Details for ClearWiki
Perspective 47Details for Perspective
StikiPad 43Details for StikiPad
SnipSnap 42Details for SnipSnap
Qwik 40Details for Qwik
MiWiKi 37Details for MiWiKi
Pie 36Details for Pie
SeedWiki 35Details for SeedWiki
Hello! CMS 35Details for Hello! CMS
ScribbleWiki 30Details for ScribbleWiki
Clinked 29Details for Clinked
Wikiwig 28Details for Wikiwig
Near-Time 27Details for Near-Time
MindTouch-xxx 27Details for MindTouch-xxx
WikiDX 24Details for WikiDX
CloudWiki 23Details for CloudWiki
SweetWiki 23Details for SweetWiki
Nuospace 22Details for Nuospace
Vanilla 21Details for Vanilla
MonkeyWiki 21Details for MonkeyWiki
LocalWiki 19Details for LocalWiki
Beacon 18Details for Beacon