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This tool allows you to quickly see the syntax used by the various Wiki engines for a certain markup. It is mainly intended for Wiki developers and researchers. It was developed to help with the creation of the CREOLE markup standard.

Syntax for Bold Format

3F Wiki Details
6of5 Wiki Details
@Wiki Details
alphawiki Details
{b I am bold}
Aneuch Details
Anwiki Details
Banana Dance Details
bitweaver Details
bLADE Wiki Details
*bold text*
Bloomfire Details
BlueSpice MediaWiki Details
BoltWire Details
BrainKeeper Details
BusinessWiki Details
ButorWiki Details
CanvasWiki Details
CentralDesktop Details
Clearspace Details
ClearWiki Details
use WYSIWYG editor + HTML    
Clinked Details
codeBeamer Details
Confluence Details
ConnectedText Details
Corendal Wiki Details
Cospire Details
cyWiki Details
Daisy Details
DidiWiki Details
*Bold text*
DokuWiki Details
Drupal Wiki Details
(Integrated into the WYSIWYG-Editor)
EditMe Details
Use WYSIWYG editor, Ctl-B
ErfurtWiki Details
__bold text__
**bold text**
FlexWiki Details
*bold*  or '''bold'''
Foswiki Details
Friki Details
Gazest Details
or plugin
GeboGebo Details
** Bold text **
GeniusWiki Details
giewiki Details
Giki Details

Git-Wiki Details
gitit Details
Groupswiki Details
GWiki Details
*Bold Format*
Hackpad Details
Hatta Details
Hello! CMS Details
This is a **strong text**
IkeWiki Details
ikiwiki Details
iKnow - a tiny wiki Details
Incentive Details
All below is standard XHTML, no plight wiki syntax! No need to know them either - just use the WYSIWYG-editor.
Instiki Details
Intodit Details
Jacwiki Details
JAMWiki Details
JaWiki Details
JotSpot Details
JOTWiki Details
** bold text **
JSPWiki Details
KeheiWiki Details
_ text _ 
insert HTML via WYSIWYG editor
KeiSpade Details
KWikiKWiki Details
*Bold text*
LionWiki Details
Luminotes Details
LunaWiki Details
*like this*
LynxWiki Details
MediaWiki Details
Metadot Wiki Details
MicKI Details
This sentence contains *some bold words*.
Midgard Wiki Details
MindTouch Details
WYSIWYG, ctrl-b
MindTouch-xxx Details
miniWiki Details
'''strong text'''
MiWiKi Details
MoasdaWiki Details
mobiki Details
MoinMoin Details
'''strong emphasised'''
MojoMojo Details
Markdown: **bold**

Textile: *bold*
MoniWiki Details
Muster Wiki Details
Near-Time Details
This is done via WYSIWYG button, or via CamelCase, or via HTML
Netcipia Details
nexdo Details
Oddmuse Details
OpenWikiNG Details
also supported "old" style
'''3 quotes are bold'''
PageWork Details
This is '''bold''' (or rather, strong).
This is **bold**, too.
Papyrs Details
PAUX Details
PBwiki Details
Pepperminty Wiki Details
**bold text**
Personal PPC Wiki Details
Perspective Details
PhpWiki Details
*bold* or
PicoWiki Details
Pie Details
This is '''bold'''.
As is *this*.
And [*that*].
Pier Details
via html
Pimki Details
PmWiki Details
PodWiki Details
Portili Team Wiki Details
Use rich text editor toolbar
ProjectForum Details
ProntoWiki Details
ProWiki Details
PukiWiki Details
Qwik Details
Riki Details
Roadkill Details
** bold **
sahriswiki Details
SamePage Details
Through WYSIWYG Editor. No syntax required.
ScrewTurn Wiki Details
ScribbleWiki Details
SeedWiki Details
Visual editor, plus several other ways
SharePoint Wiki Plus Details
'''Bold text'''
SMW plus Details
SnipSnap Details
Socialtext Details
Springnote Details
WYSIWYG with shortcut key (Ctrl + B)
Sputnik Details
**Sputnik** or __Sputnik__
StikiPad Details
*Bold Text*
SubWiki Details
SweetWiki Details
Swirrl Details
Sycamore Details
'''bold text''' Details
ThoughtFarmer Details
wysiwyg rich text editor
TiddlyWiki Details
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Details
Traction TeamPage Details
WYSIWYG editor selection, Ctrl+ B in some browsers, or HTML in text only editor.  
TracWiki Details
Triki-Wiki Details
TWiki Details
UniWakka Details
UseMod Details
UserPress Details
Vanilla Details
VQWiki Details
'''Bold Text'''
WackoWiki Details
Wagn Details
Wala Wiki Details
Wetpaint Details
Wicked Details
Wiclear Details
WiGit Details
Wikepage Details
Wiki CSharp .NET Details
Wiki on a Stick Details
*bold text*
Wiki Spot Details
Wiki-Toolkit Details
Wikia Details
WikiASP Details

WikiCrowd Details
WikiDoc Details
''this is bold'''
Wikidot Details
**bold text**
WikiDX Details Details
WikiNi Details
** **
WikiPack Details
WikiSH Details
Wikispaces Details
WikkaWiki Details
WikyBlog Details
WordonWiki Details
wxWikiServer Details
''' bold text '''
XoWiki Details
XWiki Details
yawiki Details
Zim Details
Zoho Wiki Details
WYSIWYG with shortcut key
Zwiki Details