Feature List

General FeaturesWiki Spot Details
Author Philip Neustrom
License Cost/ Fee Free
Intended Audience Communities / Interest Groups / Non-Profits
Hosting FeaturesWiki Spot Details
Storage Quota No
Bandwidth Quota No
Other Limits No
Topic Restrictions Non-Commercial
Corporate Branding No
Own Domain Optional
Ads allowed No
Security/Anti-SpamWiki Spot Details
Page Permissions Yes
Host Blocking Yes
Mail Encryption Optional
nofollow No
Blacklist No
Delayed Indexing No
Development/SupportWiki Spot Details
Commercial Support No
Issue Tracker
Mailing List
Support Forum
IRC Channel
Common FeaturesWiki Spot Details
Preview Yes
Minor Changes No
Change Summary Yes
Page History Yes
Page Revisions Unlimited
Revision Diffs Between all
Page Index Yes
Plugin System No
Special FeaturesWiki Spot Details
Unicode Support Yes
Right-to-Left Support Optional
Interface Languages Not localized
Email notification No
Comments Discussion Pages
Categories No
Namespaces Yes
Page Redirection Yes
Conflict Handling Conflict Detection
Search Full Text
Structured Data No
LinksWiki Spot Details
CamelCase No
Freelinks Yes
Backlinks Yes
InterWiki Yes
SisterWiki No
Image Links No
Windows Shares No
Page Redirects Yes
Syntax FeaturesWiki Spot Details
HTML Tags None
Math formulas Yes
Tables simple + complex
CREOLE support No
Markdown Support No
Textile Support No
BBCode Support No
Emoticon Images No
Syntax Highlighting No
Footnotes Yes
Quoting Yes
Internal Comments Yes
Custom styles No
FAQ Tags No
Scripting none
Content Includes Yes
Feed Aggregation No
UsabilityWiki Spot Details
Section Editing No
Page Templates Yes
Double-Click Edit Yes
Toolbar Yes
WYSIWYG Editing No
Access Keys No
Auto Signature Yes
StatisticsWiki Spot Details
Recent Changes Yes
Wanted Pages Yes
Orphaned Pages Yes
Most/Least Popular No
Recent Visitors No
Analysis No
OutputWiki Spot Details
CSS Stylesheets Yes
Printer Friendly Print CSS
Mobile Friendly Optional
Themes & Skins Yes
RSS Feeds Yes
ATOM Feeds No
Abbreviations No
Auto-TOC Yes
Raw Export No
HTML Export No
XML export No
PDF Export No
Media and FilesWiki Spot Details
File Attachments Yes
Media Revisions Yes
Embedded Flash No
Embedded Video No
Image Editing No
SVG Editing No
MindMap Editing No
Media Search No
ExtrasWiki Spot Details
Calendar Yes
Image Galleries No
Forums No
Blogs No
Ticket System No
Syntax ExamplesWiki Spot Details
Internal Link
["Front Page"]
External Link
= Headline =
== SubHeading ==
Bold Format
Italics Format
Underline Format
Monospace Format
Strikethrough Format
Superscript Format
Subscript Format

[[Image(filename, right, thumbnail, 400, noborder)]]
Aligning Text
Text Indentation
 A space before a paragraph causes it to indent; more spaces cause further indent.
Bulleted Lists
 * Item
 * Item
Numbered Lists
 1. Item
 1. Item
Definition Lists
name :: definition
Horizontal Rule

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This page belongs to the feature documentation of Wiki Spot. The engine's features are listed in the table on the left. Detailed implementation details are available through the "i" icons right to the feature info.