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Whether this statement was referring towards the or otherwise remains unanswered and considering We‘ve already seen Samsung dabble with flexible displays upon the Galaxy Round and Galaxy Note Edge, we are not convinced Samsung will risk putting this technology on its flagship handset without offering a far more traditional option for people who want just a traditional phone.

When one thinks of display size, there have not been any rumours to suggest the Galaxy S6 will certainly be bigger or smaller compared to the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S lineup has grown from 4-inches to 5. 1-inches within five generations, therefore the Galaxy S6 might go as much as 5. 2- or 5. 3-inches and like the Galaxy S5 experienced a rather thick bezel, Samsung could conceivably fit a bigger display inside the same-sized frame.

Remember that the corporate won't go too huge using the screen however, because then it is going to be entering Galaxy Note territory, and it also presumably wants to carry on differentiating the 2 lines. The screen has purportedly leaked with an AnTuTu benchmark test having a 5. 5-inch QHD display.


Rumours have long suggested the Galaxy S6 will feature a plastic OLED that will permit the device to fold and bend, though it is also widely believed, especially because the all-metal Galaxy Alpha debuted, the Galaxy S6 will feature a metal frame and a few recent image leaks suggest this may very well function as the case.


French website Nowhereelse published three aluminium case images it claims make in the Galaxy S6, although there isn‘t any other evidence to aid the claim, even if they should do look much like the Galaxy line. When the images are legitimate however, it might suggest the rumours in an aluminium back and curved display are not too far from the mark. It‘s also been suggested Samsung may utilize the material graphene in elements of the S6's design.

While it is not yet confirmed when the Galaxy S6 will feature any one of these changes, bear in mind Samsung may need something radical up its sleeve. That is right. At long last it‘s as a smartphone revolution could get on its way in Samsung's Project Zero.

Project Zero

Project Zero is Samsung's next major project. More specifically, it is a codename project to the the Galaxy S6, consistent with causes of Sam Mobile. Previous phones from Samsung have also sported Project monikers, including Project K to the S5 and Project T to the Note 4.

It is thought that by changing the letters to numbers by starting at zero, Samsung has a big shift inside the works. Perhaps, finally, Samsung goes to the drawing board to produce a handset that reflects the wealth of the corporate.

Because of critics and consumers alike voicing criticism in regards to the design choices made in its latest flagship smartphone - coupled with less-than-expected Galaxy S5 sales - Samsung recently replaced its mobile design leader Chang Dong-hoon with deputy Lee Min-hyouk.

It is therefore safe to assume the Galaxy S6 will feature a dramatically different design than past flagship devices, though if the new design might include a flexible display and / or metal frame has yet to become confirmed by the corporate.

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