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RecentChangesCamp 2009 (RCC)

20.-22. February 2009
Portland / United States of America

RecentChangesCamp was born from the intersection of wiki and Open Space, and an Open Space unconference is only as good as its participants. A lot of interesting people into wiki, community and collaboration will be there - what do you want to talk with them about? Every participant is invited to lead their own sessions; the foremost guideline is to take responsibility for what you love.

In addition to general and technical conversations about wikis and other software, session topics from past RCCs have covered subjects from art to social organizing to philanthropy, and even just throwing a football around to relax and let it all sink in. See the past conference wikis for more complete lists and session notes.

To cut to the chase, anyone interested is invited to attend. You will especially enjoy Recent Changes Camp, if you happen to be any of the the following:

* Member of any open wiki community or someone who uses wikis, even just a little bit.
* Someone curious about wiki.
* Interested in community, action, collaboration, creativity or any other activity in which the self-organizing power of wiki might be helpful
* Interested in open source, and open culture in general.
* Interested in knowledge creation and sharing.

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