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Announcement: TWiki Release 4.3.0 General Availability

TWiki 4.3 Delivers Enhanced Security, Search and Enterprise Collaboration Capabilities.

TWiki's user base consists of millions of users on 60,000 installations in over 130 countries, backed by an open source community of 4,000 contributors and 40,000 twiki.org users.

Sunnyvale, Calif. (April 2, 2009) - TWIKI.NET, the world's leading provider of commercial open source enterprise collaboration, social networking and wiki application development platform, today announced the general availability of TWiki Community Release 4.3, which includes new security, search and enterprise collaboration capabilities for TWiki. The new security enhancement provides added protection against malicious attacks that exploit inherent vulnerabilities in cross-site scripting. Enhanced search capabilities enable TWiki users to perform advanced search, including adding footer parameter and topics to formatted searches. Enhanced enterprise collaboration capabilities provide added newsfeeds to TWiki topics as well as flexible corporate look-and-feel options using built-in TWiki Skin plug-ins.

TWiki Community Edition 4.3 is available at http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/DownloadTWiki. Please visit http://www.twiki.net/ to sign up for a free trial of Certified TWiki Commercial Edition that adds Enterprise Social Networking to TWiki.

Community Support

TWiki.org is an open source community consisting of 4,000 contributors and 40,000 users. The TWiki.org open source development model invites the download and inspection by developers, users and partners, producing a higher quality product than possible in proprietary development environments. TWiki.org operates by a clear set of community governance structure similar to Ubuntu and other leading open source projects. Since its founding by Peter Thoeny in 1998, TWiki.org has been supported by an extensive team of open source software developers around the world. Today, TWiki Community Edition is used by millions of users and is installed in tens of thousands of companies, including the majority of the Fortune 500. TWiki is a mission-critical system at major corporations such as Cisco Systems, Google, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo!

TWiki Community Release 4.3 Feature Highlights

TWiki 4.3 offers new features and improvements across end-user and administrative functions including:

   * Security Enhancements
      * Reduced risk of XSS (cross-site scripting)
      * S/MIME support to sign administrative e-mails

   * Usability Enhancements
      * Replace question mark links with red-links to point to non-existing topics

   * Enterprise Collaboration Enhancements
      * Pre-installed HeadlinesPlugin to show headline newsfeeds in TWiki topics
      * Pre-installed TWikiNetSkin, TWikiNetSkinPlugin for corporate look and feel

   * Search Enhancements
      * Add footer parameter to Formatted Search
      * Add number of topics to Formatted Search

   * Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
      * Control over variable expansion at topic creation time
      * 17 new TWikiDocGraphics images
      * Include URL supports list of domains to exclude from proxy
      * Adding Korean language

   * Plugin Enhancements
      * SpreadSheetPlugin: 5 new functions


TWIKI.NET was founded in 2007 to provide enterprise class collaboration software, support, and services based on open source TWiki, the worlds leading open source enterprise collaboration, social networking and wiki application development platform available in 16 languages, across 130+ countries and used daily by millions of users. The company offers Certified TWiki OnSite for behind-the-firewall deployments. The company also offers TWiki OnDemand, a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise solution for organizations looking to minimize costs associated with hardware and software purchases, maintenance and support. TWiki offers a unique wiki application development environment as it provides robust structured data, scripting and workflow functionalities that enable end users to automate manual business processes without needing expensive IT resources or support. TWiki applications are developed for a wide variety of uses such as project tracking, inventory management, QA bug tracking, sales lead tracking or publishing/editorial management. TWiki applications can also act as portals, community blogs or news feed aggregators, bringing Web 2.0 into the enterprise with user driven content and application logic. TWIKI.NET is committed to supporting the development of open source TWiki and empowering organizations to leverage enterprise collaboration and social networking to achieve a competitive advantage. For more information, call (650) 641-8060 Extension 2, email info@twiki.net, or visit http://www.twiki.net/.

Contact Information:

TWiki is a registered trademark of Peter Thoeny, TWIKI.NET. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

-- peter.thoeny.public [at] twiki [dot] net - http://www.twiki.net/ - http://twiki.org/


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