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Why it is so good for documentation?

I am looking for Wiki system to document small software projects. I need to make technical and user documentation. After some research I ened up with two choices:

- DokuWiki for being made especially for documentation,
- TWiki for wysiwyg editing and plugins for every possible use.

I am not so sure about DokuWiki, so please, can you tell me which features make it "especially for documentation"? I really like wysiwyg way of editing pages so my choice for now is TWiki, which features of DokuWiki make it the "killer-wiki" for documentation?



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Re: Why it is so good for documentation?

Well, the killer feature of DokuWiki when comparing it to TWiki is probably it's simplicity. However I recommend to install both and see which one you like more.

Personally I always prefer a clear and intuitive syntax over WYSIWYG editing. Text entry is usually faster once you know the syntax.

Please also have a look at this short FAQ entry

Careful: I'm the lead developer of WikiMatrix and DokuWiki so my posts may be biased ;-)



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