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Correcting a matrix issue?

Hey Andi!

I have looked around and haven't found anywhere which explains how to remedy a error in the wiki feature list, so I'll suggest it here.

Dokuwiki has a blank for definition lists - it should be plugin (of which, at last count, there were three).




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Re: Correcting a matrix issue?

Hi Chris!

Nice to see you here.

Well the syntax examples were meant to show the standard syntax for the different engines. DokuWiki doesn't have any syntax for definition lists by default but you are right with the plugins of course. I'm not yet sure how to handle this. Should the syntax from one of them be shown with a remark that it is available through a plugin?


BTW: Would you like to take ower the record maintainance of the DokuWiki entry? This way you could fix things your self when I forget to update the data.

Careful: I'm the lead developer of WikiMatrix and DokuWiki so my posts may be biased ;-)



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Re: Correcting a matrix issue?

I just changed the syntax example for definition lists to "Plugin".
I don't think it would be wise to show the syntax for a plugin, especially if there are more than one plugin and syntax (like in this case). Even if there was only one syntax, it still is problematic because of the disengagement from the wiki.
A further solution for this problem would be the talked about "why links" (http://www.wikimatrix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=33) with which you could explain further details (in this case: links to plugins, listing syntaxes, etc.).

To your other question what to do to report an error in a feature list: Either email the maintainer -- or if there isn't any, email wikimatrix@cosmocode.de -- or post it in this forum. smile



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