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Twiki within a LMS

Hi All,

We're currently evaluating many wikis for educational use within a university.  I have used Twiki in a previous position in a different uni and find Twiki to meet our needs in all requirements except one: It must integrate with our Learning Management System (Blackboard Vista 4.1.1) so that we can get our students and staff to focus on creativity and content instead of the logistics of another tool at another location.

We require multiple wikis (wikiwebs or webfarms) that can be isolated within particular courses/subjects.

Currently we can get "powerlinks" to enable MediaWiki and PMwiki within Vista, but i cannot find info on twiki integrating within a LMS. 

If anyone has had an experience in this matter, could they please reply.  Our whole university will appreciate it ...eventually tongue

Theo Williams
e-Supported Learning Systems



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Re: Twiki within a LMS

See TWiki/LMS discussion at TWiki:Support/LmsIntegration (better not to cross-post here)

TWiki is listed here on WikiMatrix at http://www.wikimatrix.org/show/TWiki

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