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Is DokuWiki the right fit for my project?


I have extensive experience with DokiWiki as a user and some as an administrator. I have a new project and I'm wondering if you think DokuWiki would be a good fit. Many thanks in advance for your advice.

The new project is relatively simple and low capacity, but will have some structured data; for example, it might have typical contact information (phone number, address, etc.). I found the Structurd Data Plugin (SDP) (https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:data), but I'm wondering how well it will meet my needs or if there is another solution you'd recommend.

1) Where and how does the SDP store the structured data?

2) I like DokuWiki's long-term availabilty and integrity of the data, due to its flat file, human readable, plain text storage.  How will the SDP affect that?

And some functionality questions:

3) Can I relatively easily access the structured data from other applications (i.e., pull the contact info into a mail merge, or into another contact database)?

4) Can I view structured data in a table, with one record per row (i.e., so I can view multiple records at once)?

5) Less important, but maybe useful some day: Can I pull/push data from other applications into the structured data storage? For example, dynamically update stock prices?

Thanks again. And thanks for creating and maintaining DokuWiki; its elegant simplicity is really a pleasure to see and to work with.


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