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Confluence for technical writing

How does Confluence rate vs. other wikis for use by technical writers?



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Re: Confluence for technical writing

I can't comment on Confluence since they didn't make the short list in our RFP process.

However, I can tell you that MindTouch's Technical Communication Suite  (http://www.mindtouch.com/products/mindtouch_tcs) won out for us.

We're just getting started with some of the full-features so it's a little early for a full-review, but we're thrilled with our choice so far... especially with their support guys.




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Re: Confluence for technical writing

Thank you for your kind words, shankapotomus. I am happy to hear about your success so far with MindTouch Technical Communications Suite.

@lenmac - To give you some additional information about MindTouch Technical Communications Suite... It is a solution for creating, managing and sharing your company's strategic content, including process and product documentation. MindTouch is powering some of the Internet’s leading user assistance communities, user manuals, support and customer service portals and documentation sites. Companies like Intuit, Microsoft, Intel, Autodesk and Mozilla all have launched documentation communities which vastly increase lead gen and revenue all while decreasing customer service and support costs.

I suggest you take a look at how the Autodesk community (entirely powered by MindTouch) has completely revolutionized how product support, user manuals and communities are going to be built going forward. http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/enu

You can learn more about MindTouch TCS here:
http://cdn.mindtouch.com/pdfs/MindTouch … _Suite.pdf

Or download a free trial here:

Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks.

Corey Ganser
Customer Support Manager



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