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Lots of New Features & New Plug-in Modules

Hello WikiMatrix visitors!

The team at EditMe has been hard at work, building new features and constantly updating the EditMe product. However, we've been bad! sad We haven't been updating our loyal fans on WikiMatrix on what we've been up to these past few months.

Here's a list of all major releases we've had since our last post on this forum.

12/11/2009 New "Welcome Box" Module : http://www.editme.com/WelcomeBoxModule
12/18/2009 New "User Management" Module : http://www.editme.com/User-Management-C … ion-Module
12/24/2009 Product Update - "New Page" Usability : http://www.editme.com/Release49
2/4/2010 "Photo Gallery" Module Update :http://www.editme.com/PhotoGallery-1-2
3/29/2010 New "Calendar" Module : http://www.editme.com/CalendarModule
4/1/2010 Product Update - "Page Editor" : http://www.editme.com/EditMe-Web-Page-C … provements
5/20/2010 Product Update - "Invite Users via Email and LinkedIn" : http://www.editme.com/Product-Release-L … nvitations
6/20/2010 Product Update - "Settings and Editor Screens" : http://www.editme.com/New-Release-Updat … gs-Screens

Sorry for not keeping everyone in the loop until now! Remember, you can always get the latest and greatest information as it happens by subscribing to the EditMe Blog at http://www.editme.com/blog, or folllowing EditMe on Twitter at http://twitter.com/editme, Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EditMe, or LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/companies/editme-llc.


Matt Wiseley
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