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Chosing a topic name from a drop down list

I try to build a tiny document management system into our TWiki pages. Part of this is that I need to create one topic for each document to be managed. The topic name should have the format Type-ProjectID-Number.

I can get the "ProjectID" from the parent topic, and I'll generate the number using the AUTOINC feature. But I don't have a good idea how to add the "Type" since that's not yet known when the new topic will be created.

I'm considering two approaches:

Gather the "Type" in a form which shows up after the new topic has been created with a temporary name. Rename the topic after it has been saved and thus the document type is known. But - I have no idea how to automatically rename the topic after it has been saved.

Ask for the "Type" before the new topic get's created and then incorporate it when specifying the topic name as parameter to the edit script. I can already do so, but only with a free form text field which allows any kind of entries, while I need to restrict values, best by offering a drop down list of possible values.

Does anybody have an idea how to implement the one or the other option? Or even a smarter idea?




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