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Hosted Wiki Services

Why are no Hosted Wiki Services listed in the Comparison?

Hosted Wiki Services like SocialText or Peanut Butter Wiki need other criteria to compare than downloadable Wiki software. Because of this these services are currently not listed.

We're currently thinking about how to integrate these services into the Matrix so stay tuned.


**UPDATE:** Hosted services are now listed as well.

Careful: I'm the lead developer of WikiMatrix and DokuWiki so my posts may be biased ;-)



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Re: Hosted Wiki Services

I would like to search for hosted solutions not in the USA, perhaps say in Canada. I tried searching for URL with ".ca" or "*.ca" but results were zero. Was this a valid search? If not, can I do this?



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Re: Hosted Wiki Services

andi wrote:

Hosted services are now listed as well.


Alas, I notice one bit of confusion: It makes no sense to me for WikiMatrix to list some feature as a "plugin" to a hosted wiki -- either that feature is installed at that host, or it is not.

Would it be possible to have 2 separate entries on WikiMatrix for "Deki Wiki", "Luminotes", and similar wiki host services that also let me download the wiki software they use?
* One entry that describes how to make your own wiki using their hosting hardware. (This entry would not mention any plugins -- features are either installed or not installed, and there's nothing I can do about it, right?).
* One entry that describes the downloadable wiki software. (This entry would mention any "plugins" that, after I download the software and install it on my own hardware, could be then added).



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Re: Hosted Wiki Services

What about having multiple columns of information on a single wiki's page? So for instance, on the Luminotes page, there could be one column for Luminotes Desktop and another for the hosted Luminotes. That way you could see at a glance the General Features, System Requirements, etc. for each.

Alternately, there could just be two separate pages for the two products as DavidCary mentioned, but then with a link on the hosted Luminotes page that reads "compare Luminotes to Luminotes Desktop" that would bring up the standard WikiMatrix wiki comparison page for the two products.

Luminotes personal wiki: http://luminotes.com/

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Re: Hosted Wiki Services

how about some analysis of the criteria for selection.

From Wikipedia:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compariso … g_services

Content License
Alexa Rank

what other criteria would you suggest?



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