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Best wiki for Collective Intelligence Research Institute?


At CIRI --the Collective Intelligence Research Institute-- we are looking for the wiki that will help us build the best knowledge database. All details are updated in this post: http://ciresearchinstitute.org/wp/looki … best-wiki/

Here's a cut/paste of our Santa wish list:

1. Content is html: yes, wiki syntax like in wikimedia is easy for fast typing, but it becomes very annoying when you want to cut/paste existing content that is already in html format. Also when it comes to building rich tables (other than 2-3 items), wiki syntax can turn into a real nightmare. Some people may argue that wiki syntax is faster and best for quick typing and most wikis today offer the possibility to include html when needed. Yes indeed. But our past experiences have shown that it’s not as simple as just playing with plain html all the time with a good editor.

2. WYSIWYG text editor: makes typing the same as easy and fluid as using any word processor. So no worry about html tags, except for some cleaning from time to time. Beyond simplicity, well edited text provides a much better experience for the reader.

3. Pending wiki links: that’s one of the most powerful features when you build a wiki. In many cases you create links that lead to other wiki pages that don’t exist yet. Clicking on this pending link (usually displayed as a [?] should lead to a page that displays something like “this page needs to be created, why don’t you start here?” (in case we want collaboration), or “this page will be developed later” (in case it’s just our homework)

4. Tagging: pages should be able to be tagged

5. Categories: pages should be categorized, just like in any basic blog

6. Statuses: pages should be able to receive a status, like “to review“, “to improve“, “to complete“, “to translate“, “needs references“, etc. This was a powerful feature that we discovered in Wetpaintcentral.

7. Easy configurable menus: we want to be able to configure menus like “last 5 edits“, “articles that need your contribution“, “10 top read articles“, etc…

8. Good search functions: pending wiki pages, by tag, by keyword, by related links, by status, etc.

9. Embedding: so that iframes and other content (movies, maps, etc) can be easily included

10. Easy drag and drop: it’s so annoying when you have to upload every single picture or files by seeking their file name. Just drag and drop them so they upload into the system and appear in your document.

Using the Wikimatrix Choice Wizard lead to 39 possible wikis, but it doesn't help for most of the refined functions we are looking for. Check: http://www.wikimatrix.org/search.php?sid=4

And by the way some of the features we are looking for might be included in the choice wizard if you believe this is relevant.

So... your advice and expertise are welcome! Thanks! cool

CIRI -- Collective Intelligence Research Institute


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