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TWiki.org Announces TWiki-5.1.2: Rock Solid & Usable Out of the Box

New release for enterprise collaboration with primary focus on usability for non-technical users.

TWiki's user base consists of millions of users on 50,000 installations, backed by an open source community of hundreds of contributors.

San Jose, Calif. (2012-10-10) - TWiki.org, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration and wiki application development platform, today announced the general availability of TWiki-5.1.2 Community Release. This release supersedes earlier TWiki-5.1 releases, which introduced many usability enhancements, such as point and click user data management, more visual user profile pages with picture selector, and a backup feature to help upgrade TWiki sites. TWiki-5.1 also strengthens TWiki as an application platform to more easily build custom wiki applications.

TWiki-5.1.2 Community Release is available at http://twiki.org/.

"Over the last few year we transformed the community to be more focused on end-users, which resulted in a collaboration platform that is now much more appealing to non-technical users," said project founder Peter Thoeny. "I am very grateful to all community members who contribute ideas, specs, code, testing and documentation to the open source TWiki project. Would you like to join us? I invite you to get involved with the community to help build the next generation collaborative platform for the enterprise!"

TWiki-5.1 Community Release Feature Highlights

Features added in TWiki-5.1.2 are marked as such.

For Users: Better Usability
● More visual user profile pages with in-place editing of form fields and picture selector
● In-place editing of TWiki group settings using PreferencesPlugin
● Point and click bookmarks
● The TopMenuSkin has an option for auto-hidden or fixed top menu-bar. In auto-hidden mode, the menu is always accessible with a stub on the upper left, as seen here on TWiki.org. - added in TWiki-5.1.2
● New ColorPickerPlugin to pick a color in form fields

For Administrators: More Control
● API and GUI for point and click user data management
● Improved statistics showing overall site usage over time, such as total number of webs, topics, users, etc
● New BackupRestorePlugin to easily backup, restore and upgrade TWiki installations
● BackupRestorePlugin: Add restore from backup feature - added in TWiki-5.1.1
● Security: Set a flag to force password change on next login
● Security: Support disabled users in password manager
● S/Mime support for notification e-mails

For Power Users: More Power
● New SetGetPlugin that can store variables persistently
● SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions BITXOR(), HEXENCODE(), HEXDECODE(), XOR()
● SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions FLOOR() and CEILING() - added in TWiki-5.1.1
● SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions $ISDIGIT(), $ISLOWER(), $ISUPPER(), $ISWIKIWORD() and $FILTER() - added in TWiki-5.1.2

For Programmers: TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
● The SetGetPlugin adds a REST interface to set and query variables - useful for TWiki applications that need to store variables persistently via Ajax calls. - added in TWiki-5.1.2
● Macro language with parameterized variables
● The Plugins.SpreadSheetPlugin has a new CALCULATE variable that gets evaluated in the proper inside-out, left-to-right order among other TWiki variables. - added in TWiki-5.1.2
● Ability to auto-create page on view if it does not exist
● Relative heading levels for INCLUDE and SEARCH

More release details at http://bit.ly/twRel512

About TWiki.org Community

TWiki.org is an open source community consisting of hundreds of contributors and 50,000 users. The TWiki.org open source development model invites the download and inspection by developers, users and partners, producing a higher quality product than possible in proprietary development environments. TWiki.org operates by a clear set of community governance structure similar to Ubuntu and other leading open source projects. Since its founding by Peter Thoeny in 1998, TWiki.org has been supported by an extensive team of open source software developers around the world. Today, TWiki Community Release is used by millions of users and is installed in tens of thousands of companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500. TWiki is a mission-critical system at major corporations such as Cisco Systems, Google, IBM, Lufthansa, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, TI and UBS.

Contact Information:
peter09 [at] thoeny.org

TWiki is a registered trademark of Peter Thoeny. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

-- peter09 [at] thoeny.org - http://twiki.org/


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