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Doku Wiki - Can we Customize it?


I just started using DokuWiki and I like it a lot.

How can I customize the registration page in DOKU WIKI to fit my requirements? I want to add some more fields that need to be filled in by the user so that I can authenticate him manually.

I am sure we can customize these registration pages in other WIKI's. I wanted to see how we can compare DOKU Wiki in respect to the other wikis.

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Re: Doku Wiki - Can we Customize it?

I suggest you look for an answer to that question on the Doku Wiki website: http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki and in their forum: http://forum.dokuwiki.org/ If a solution can't be found post a request for help in the forum or
ask for a quote on getting it done here: http://www.cosmocode.de/en/loesungen/we … pport.html

Hope that helps.



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