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Is it time for wiki-engine designers to regroup?

So much has changed and been learned about open collaborative systems, and so many new wiki-engines have been created, a few obvious questions arise.

> How many wiki developers would be interested in an Open Source Re-Engineering process to look at all aspects of existing wikis, compare strengths and weaknesses, and attempt a top-down design of a Next Generation Wiki Engine?

> Ideally, such a process would start with the establishment of a wiki dedicated to collecting design overviews of the more successful wiki-engine designs. Is there any such wiki? If not, this might be a very good project for WikiMatrix to coordinate.

If such a wiki-design-wiki was established, and if participants could agree on unified high level design & visualization tools, and would proceed to contributing high level design specifications for their favorite wiki-engines, this accumulated documentation would establish a foundation  for more detailed comparative discussions.  Terminology and concept abstractions would solidify allowing participants to "speak with the same language" and then consider a faster paced collaborative event such as a the creation of a new branch of an up-coming OpenSym Conference.

Any thoughts regarding this proposal, or how to propagate this proposal are welcomed.

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Re: Is it time for wiki-engine designers to regroup?


I am interested!

M ;-)

Marc Laporte - http://WikiSuite.org



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