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Looking for a wiki with specific features

Dear all,

This is my first message in WikiMatrix, so thank you for allowing me to join.

Now I am looking for a recommendation to find a wiki covering several needs.
So far I tried several flavors, but nothing is really matching, and we are almost at the level where we plan developing our own solution.

Currently we have several wikis on both DokuWiki and MediaWiki.
We are looking forward to merge everything into one and regarding the specs we are looking for, they are the following :
- Multilingual pages, for legal constraints, pages must be in both English and French at the same time
- Possibility to validate the content of a page (four eyes rule)
- Possibility to "link" 2 pages, meaning shall a translation be modified, we should at least receive a notification. The point is that we must keep both language version at the same level.

In a lower note, possibility to import wikis from Mediawiki and Dokuwiki into the new solution.
A support to assist for translation would also be interesting.

If you could help me refine those requirements, or propose me a solution matching those functional requirements, I would be extremely glad.

Thank you for your help,



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