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Intranet to Internet features

SamePage is used for creating intranet pages. What about "Intranet to Internet" features as described below :

Intranet/Internet contents
- webpages automatic generation with inborn intranet/internet duality , i mean the possibility to create pages which can be originally edited inside an intranet , then edited inside an internet. One important point is the permitted information typing (in the sense of language typing - is it possible to create semantic types as "Thesis Summary" , "Curriculum Vitae", "Project schedule", "Partnerships", "news" or so) & granularity for managing intranet vs internet pages.
- tags & semantic use for seemlessly switching pages from intranet-like (ie including corporate-private data) to internet-like pages (ie excluding private data chunks) and easy editing the desired internet pages from the intranet pages already edited.
- thematic filtering

Collaborative use & validation
- collaborative work on data chunks. Eg one person writes about "Research projects", another about "The research teams" a third person validates both, a fourth writes about "Industrial partnerships" and a fifth one validates the whole (which means tests and then edits)
- instant messaging between the contributors to help easy deal about what has to be edited or how it has to be
- open thematic blogs. e.g. one about mathematical equations, another about physics or so

How are such functionalities handled with SamePage and is there some feedback.

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