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Tiki 17.0 release brings many new features and enhancements

This release brings a number of significant new features including support for modern favicons, password blacklists, and a new method for annotations. See https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki17
for details.

New external libraries integrated as features include H5P, the open source platform for creating, sharing, and reusing interactive HMTL5 content.

Feature advancements include a massive improvement in PDF generation via mPDF, as well as tracker additions and enhancements including a more versatile user selector field type, typography enhancements based on PHP SmartyPants, and a number of new wiki plugins.

For the most polished and feature-complete Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware experience, an upgrade to Tiki 17.0 or new installation as a first Tiki website is highly recommended! Get Tiki 17.0 at https://tiki.org/Download.



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