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Product Release: Search Attachments And Comments

The Search feature built into EditMe now includes the ability to search the content of comments and common attached file types. You'll notice a set of checkboxes now appears below the keywords box on the search form. These allow you to include any or all of the possible indexes in your search: page content, comments and attachments. Search results are ordered by relevance to the keywords entered, include an excerpt containing the first keyword entered, and indicate whether the result is a page, comment or attached file.

The ability to search attached files combined with the existing attachment versioning features turns EditMe into a powerful document management system. Think of an EditMe page as a folder and store all related documents as attachments. The new search feature provides instantaneous access to these files. The following file types are searchable:

    * Microsoft Excel
    * Microsoft Word
    * Microsoft PowerPoint
    * Microsoft Visio
    * Microsoft Outlook
    * PDF
    * RTF (Rich Text Format)
    * Zip, gzip, tar, jar and bzip2 compressed files
    * XML
    * HTML
    * Java classes and source code
    * MP3 (ID3v1 tags)
    * Plain Text
    * OpenDocument

Comments included in search results can link directly to the comment displayed on the page using an anchor tag, though a minor layout modification is required to support this feature. Ask EditMe Support if you would like this added to your site. This feature will be added to all available skins shortly.

Finally, the text content of page content is now searched separately. Previously, text within the HTML source code of page content could be matched in searches. For example, the domain in a hyperlink or a font name in styling code. Text content is now extracted from page content and searched seperately to provide finer control over what is and is not included in the search index.

Matt Wiseley
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