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Feature List

General FeaturesMindTouch Details
Version MindTouch Responsive
Last Release Date 2016
Author MindTouch
Free and Open Source No
License GPL, LGPL
Programming Language PHP, C# on Mono
Data Storage Database
License Cost/ Fee Subscription
Development status Mature
Intended Audience Developers, System integrators, Business Decision Makers, IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts, Anyone from technical users to non-technical users
Hosting FeaturesMindTouch Details
Storage Quota  
Bandwidth Quota  
Other Limits  
Topic Restrictions No
Corporate Branding Yes
Own Domain Yes
Ads allowed Yes
System RequirementsMindTouch Details
Operating System SAAS
Root Access Yes
Webserver Apache and IIS
Other Requirements  
DatastorageMindTouch Details
Text Files No
PostgreSQL No
Oracle No
SQLite No
BerkeleyDB No
Security/Anti-SpamMindTouch Details
Page Permissions Yes
Authentication Backends HTTP Auth, PHP Auth, LDAP, Active Directory, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, ...
Host Blocking Yes
Mail Encryption Yes
nofollow Yes
Blacklist Yes
Delayed Indexing Optional
Development/SupportMindTouch Details
Commercial Support Yes, 11 listed
Preconfigured Hosting Yes
Code Repository
Issue Tracker
Mailing List
Support Forum
IRC Channel #mindtouch
Common FeaturesMindTouch Details
Preview Yes
Minor Changes Yes
Change Summary Yes
Page History Yes
Page Revisions Unlimited
Revision Diffs Between all
Page Index Yes
Plugin System Yes
Special FeaturesMindTouch Details
Unicode Support Yes
Right-to-Left Support No
Interface Languages 26 languages
Azerbaijani, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Galician, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Mongolian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Swedish, Tatar, Urdu, Uzbek, Chinese
Email notification Yes
Comments Plugin
Categories Yes
Namespaces Yes
Page Redirection Yes
Conflict Handling Conflict Resolution
Search Full Text
Wiki Farming Yes
Structured Data Yes
LinksMindTouch Details
CamelCase No
Freelinks Yes
Backlinks Yes
InterWiki Yes
SisterWiki No
Image Links Yes
Windows Shares Yes
Page Redirects Yes
Syntax FeaturesMindTouch Details
HTML Tags All
Math formulas Yes
Tables simple + complex
CREOLE support No
Markdown Support No
Textile Support No
BBCode Support No
Emoticon Images Optional
Syntax Highlighting Yes
Footnotes Plugin
Quoting Yes
Internal Comments Yes
Custom styles Yes
FAQ Tags Yes
Scripting Yes, one can add an unsafe extension and add any scripting language or use DekiScript, which has a Javascript syntax.
Content Includes Yes
Feed Aggregation Yes
UsabilityMindTouch Details
Section Editing Yes
Page Templates Yes
Double-Click Edit No
Toolbar Yes
WYSIWYG Editing Yes
Access Keys Yes
Auto Signature Yes
StatisticsMindTouch Details
Recent Changes Yes
Wanted Pages No
Orphaned Pages No
Most/Least Popular Yes
Recent Visitors Yes
Analysis Yes
OutputMindTouch Details
CSS Stylesheets Yes
Printer Friendly Print View
Mobile Friendly Plugin
Themes & Skins Yes
RSS Feeds Yes
ATOM Feeds Yes
Abbreviations Yes
Auto-TOC Yes
Raw Export Yes
HTML Export Yes
XML export Yes
PDF Export Yes
Media and FilesMindTouch Details
File Attachments Yes
Media Revisions Yes
Embedded Flash Yes
Embedded Video Yes
Image Editing Yes
SVG Editing No
MindMap Editing Yes
Media Search Contents
ExtrasMindTouch Details
Calendar Plugin
Image Galleries Yes
Forums Plugin
Blogs Plugin
Ticket System Plugin
Syntax ExamplesMindTouch Details
Internal Link
WYSIWYG with page browse dialog. Or [[link]] and [[../foo/bar]]
External Link
WYSIWYG with page browse dialog, auto-linking, and [[]]
Bold Format
WYSIWYG, ctrl-b
Italics Format
WYSIWYG, ctrl-i
Underline Format
WYSIWYG, ctrl-u
Monospace Format
Strikethrough Format
Superscript Format
Subscript Format
WYSIWYG with image browse and edit dialog. Also, copy/paste to editor and straight HTML.
Aligning Text
Text Indentation
Bulleted Lists
Numbered Lists
WYSIWYG, ctrl-l
Definition Lists
Horizontal Rule

» MindTouch DocumentationMindTouch Details

MindTouch is a provider of cloud based customer success software. This is a new kind of technology that creates shorter sales cycles, increases organic site traffic, and turns new users into experts and brand advocates. It can be deployed standalone or can be integrated into existing customer support systems like Salesforce.

MindTouch will reduce the effort to locate information which will improve your net promoter score.

Founded in 2005, MindTouch is headquartered in San Diego, California and is privately held. Many of the world’s most respected brands rely on MindTouch. Our more than 1,000 customers include: HP, SAP, Docker, Accenture, MakerBot, Juniper, Blackboard, Verizon, TeraData, Sungard, Marin Software, Remington, Code42, PayPal, and HCA.


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how MindTouch looks like. Remember: The look of many Wikis can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

WYSIWYG editor

MindTouch has a WYSIWYG, or rich text, editor similar to a light-weight word processor. There is no arcane or non-standard markup language. You can copy/paste from office documents or other web pages. Linking is as easy as selecting the text and navigating to the page or attachment you wish to link. You need not memorize the path or learn a new language. You'll find MindTouch to be very familiar.


MindTouch has one of the most advanced permission systems available. MindTouch administrators can make wikis public or private, anonymous or not. There is user groups support. Users can permission entire hierarchies to create private or non-editable workspaces or permission single pages. MindTouch has built in support for LDAP, Active Directory, Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.

Finding and Organizing Content

MindTouch provides many ways to organize content. Hierarchies allow users to define a taxonomy of pages. This is a very natural way to organize things. Everyone understands a family tree.

MindTouch also allows tagging. Tag folksonomies are wonderfully useful when using systems with multiple users. With MindTouch a user can use key word tags, date and time tags, and define tag categories.

As users add content to MindTouch the time the content is added is tracked. There are many ways to browse content chronologically. We call these chronologies. Users can follow recent changes chronologically throughout an entire wiki site, on a per page basis, or based on individual users' contributions. This makes it very easy to discover content and track what's going on in the wiki. Date and time tags also provide another way of organizing and finding information chronologically.

If users are especially interested in some pages they can create a watchlist of pages. With a watchlist it's easy to track topics of interest or pet projects.

Another of the many ways MindTouch is unique is that it comes with an enterprise strength search engine named Lucene. Lucene is developed by the Apache Foundation. Lucene is a powerful search engine that is employed by many high performance enterprise-class search tools. MindTouch uses Lucene to index all pages and most common file types. Finding what you're looking for in pages, files or tags is just a search away with MindTouch.

Subscribe! MindTouch generates RSS feeds in a number of ways. Users may subscribe to the entire wiki site, individual users' contributions, their watchlist, or the watchlists' of other users.

File and Image Attachments

Creating pages and attaching files is just a click away. Users of MindTouch can attach documents and images to individual pages. Images are presented in an attractive image gallery. At a glance you one can see who edited pages or attached files, when it was done, and read a description of the action that is automatically generated or manually provided..

Nothing is ever lost in MindTouch. Every edit is tracked and versioned. Users can compare versions of pages. Similarly, file attachments are versioned. When a user links to a file the link will always point to the most recent version of the attached file. Likewise, if a user renames a page all links to this page will be properly maintained.

Security Advisories

The following security advisories for MindTouch are listed at Secunia. You should always make sure to run an up-to-date version of the software and apply security related patches as soon as possible.