The WikiMatrix Consultant Marketplace lists professional service providers for the various wiki engines of WikiMatrix. The graph below gives you an overview over the most supported wiki engines.

The popular Open Source engines prove to be backed up a by broad range of specialists, but some commercial vendors like Confluence established a network of independent solution parters as well.

Chart (Top 5) :

All Data:

Wiki Consultants
MediaWiki 86Consultants for MediaWiki
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 66Consultants for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
DokuWiki 53Consultants for DokuWiki
Confluence 38Consultants for Confluence
TWiki 37Consultants for TWiki
Foswiki 17Consultants for Foswiki
MoinMoin 16Consultants for MoinMoin
XWiki 11Consultants for XWiki
MindTouch 11Consultants for MindTouch
PmWiki 10Consultants for PmWiki
Clearspace 6Consultants for Clearspace
BlueSpice for MediaWiki 5Consultants for BlueSpice for MediaWiki
Incentive 5Consultants for Incentive
Socialtext 5Consultants for Socialtext
CentralDesktop 4Consultants for CentralDesktop
TracWiki 4Consultants for TracWiki
PBwiki 4Consultants for PBwiki
EditMe 3Consultants for EditMe
Wikispaces 3Consultants for Wikispaces
Oddmuse 3Consultants for Oddmuse
JSPWiki 3Consultants for JSPWiki
PhpWiki 3Consultants for PhpWiki
TiddlyWiki 3Consultants for TiddlyWiki
Traction TeamPage 2Consultants for Traction TeamPage
BrainKeeper 2Consultants for BrainKeeper
Zoho Wiki 2Consultants for Zoho Wiki
Drupal Wiki 2Consultants for Drupal Wiki
Pier 2Consultants for Pier
GeboGebo 2Consultants for GeboGebo
Wagn 2Consultants for Wagn
Cospire 2Consultants for Cospire
6of5 Wiki 2Consultants for 6of5 Wiki
ProjectForum 2Consultants for ProjectForum
SamePage 2Consultants for SamePage
SharePoint Wiki Plus 2Consultants for SharePoint Wiki Plus
Banana Dance 2Consultants for Banana Dance
GeniusWiki 1Consultants for GeniusWiki
Wicked 1Consultants for Wicked
Zim 1Consultants for Zim
ThoughtFarmer 1Consultants for ThoughtFarmer
PicoWiki 1Consultants for PicoWiki
Hatta 1Consultants for Hatta
GWiki 1Consultants for GWiki
Personal PPC Wiki 1Consultants for Personal PPC Wiki
ErfurtWiki 1Consultants for ErfurtWiki
UseMod 1Consultants for UseMod
codeBeamer 1Consultants for codeBeamer
Gazest 1Consultants for Gazest
Luminotes 1Consultants for Luminotes
KeheiWiki 1Consultants for KeheiWiki
Friki 1Consultants for Friki
miniWiki 1Consultants for miniWiki
Wikepage 1Consultants for Wikepage
Corendal Wiki 1Consultants for Corendal Wiki
VQWiki 1Consultants for VQWiki
XoWiki 1Consultants for XoWiki
WikiDoc 1Consultants for WikiDoc
ScrewTurn Wiki 1Consultants for ScrewTurn Wiki 1Consultants for
Wikidot 1Consultants for Wikidot
WikkaWiki 1Consultants for WikkaWiki
Wikia 1Consultants for Wikia
ikiwiki 1Consultants for ikiwiki
BoltWire 1Consultants for BoltWire
WackoWiki 1Consultants for WackoWiki