Most Comparisons

This page is similar to the previous one as it tries to rank listed engines by popularity. This time it counts how often a wiki is used in a comparison in the last 30 days. So when you compare three wikis with each other, each of them gets a point.

The same precautions as for the „Most Views“ statistics should be used to interpret the data here.

By the way – there are other attempts to find the most popular Wiki engines. For example, a user edited list of the Top Ten Wiki Engines is maintained at Ward's Wiki and a Wiki Popularity list based on Google queries and Alexa ranks was created for the CREOLE project. Looking at statistics from Sourceforge, Ohloh or Freshmeat may be helpful as well.

Chart (Top 5) :

All Data:

Wiki Compares
MediaWiki 42127Details for MediaWiki
DokuWiki 35993Details for DokuWiki
TWiki 18082Details for TWiki
Confluence 17325Details for Confluence
PmWiki 16207Details for PmWiki
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 15287Details for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
MoinMoin 13346Details for MoinMoin
XWiki 12172Details for XWiki
PhpWiki 10670Details for PhpWiki
JSPWiki 9043Details for JSPWiki
TracWiki 8493Details for TracWiki
PBwiki 8412Details for PBwiki
Foswiki 8168Details for Foswiki
TiddlyWiki 8064Details for TiddlyWiki
Wikispaces 6792Details for Wikispaces
Wikia 6637Details for Wikia
WikkaWiki 6339Details for WikkaWiki
ScrewTurn Wiki 6073Details for ScrewTurn Wiki
Oddmuse 5658Details for Oddmuse
UseMod 5623Details for UseMod
MindTouch 5370Details for MindTouch
bitweaver 5221Details for bitweaver
WackoWiki 5067Details for WackoWiki
BlueSpice for MediaWiki 5053Details for BlueSpice for MediaWiki
Socialtext 4954Details for Socialtext
Traction TeamPage 4672Details for Traction TeamPage
PukiWiki 4585Details for PukiWiki
CentralDesktop 4576Details for CentralDesktop
Drupal Wiki 4450Details for Drupal Wiki
MojoMojo 4391Details for MojoMojo
FlexWiki 4265Details for FlexWiki
SharePoint Wiki Plus 4223Details for SharePoint Wiki Plus
ikiwiki 4099Details for ikiwiki
Midgard Wiki 4080Details for Midgard Wiki
Wetpaint 4020Details for Wetpaint
Zwiki 3910Details for Zwiki
MoniWiki 3882Details for MoniWiki
SamePage 3820Details for SamePage
GWiki 3762Details for GWiki
Daisy 3660Details for Daisy
GeniusWiki 3623Details for GeniusWiki
Luminotes 3579Details for Luminotes
Triki-Wiki 3469Details for Triki-Wiki
Incentive 3409Details for Incentive
Wagn 3389Details for Wagn
ThoughtFarmer 3345Details for ThoughtFarmer
Giki 3324Details for Giki
Instiki 3322Details for Instiki
BoltWire 3277Details for BoltWire
KeheiWiki 3259Details for KeheiWiki
Netcipia 3242Details for Netcipia
Corendal Wiki 3220Details for Corendal Wiki
ErfurtWiki 3214Details for ErfurtWiki
Wikidot 3211Details for Wikidot
Banana Dance 3206Details for Banana Dance
Clearspace 3205Details for Clearspace
Zoho Wiki 3066Details for Zoho Wiki
Zim 2964Details for Zim
EditMe 2958Details for EditMe
IkeWiki 2951Details for IkeWiki
SubWiki 2874Details for SubWiki
Pier 2873Details for Pier
ButorWiki 2783Details for ButorWiki
miniWiki 2753Details for miniWiki
Hatta 2720Details for Hatta
BrainKeeper 2705Details for BrainKeeper
JAMWiki 2679Details for JAMWiki
iKnow - a tiny wiki 2677Details for iKnow - a tiny wiki
gitit 2550Details for gitit
ProjectForum 2541Details for ProjectForum
XoWiki 2539Details for XoWiki
LionWiki 2534Details for LionWiki
bLADE Wiki 2508Details for bLADE Wiki
Groupswiki 2425Details for Groupswiki
OpenWikiNG 2412Details for OpenWikiNG
alphawiki 2409Details for alphawiki
ProWiki 2407Details for ProWiki
Git-Wiki 2378Details for Git-Wiki
Riki 2359Details for Riki
WikiDoc 2340Details for WikiDoc
ProntoWiki 2327Details for ProntoWiki
Intodit 2319Details for Intodit
JaWiki 2276Details for JaWiki
Friki 2256Details for Friki
PAUX 2232Details for PAUX
Cospire 2222Details for Cospire
Sputnik 2219Details for Sputnik
Pimki 2186Details for Pimki
Anwiki 2179Details for Anwiki
Roadkill 2166Details for Roadkill
nexdo 2114Details for nexdo
codeBeamer 2090Details for codeBeamer
PicoWiki 2070Details for PicoWiki
CanvasWiki 2031Details for CanvasWiki
wxWikiServer 2020Details for wxWikiServer 2016Details for
giewiki 1985Details for giewiki
Sycamore 1975Details for Sycamore
ConnectedText 1974Details for ConnectedText
Personal PPC Wiki 1972Details for Personal PPC Wiki
PageWork 1960Details for PageWork
GeboGebo 1913Details for GeboGebo
KWikiKWiki 1904Details for KWikiKWiki
6of5 Wiki 1904Details for 6of5 Wiki
VQWiki 1895Details for VQWiki
PodWiki 1802Details for PodWiki
sahriswiki 1757Details for sahriswiki
Jacwiki 1756Details for Jacwiki
Gazest 1742Details for Gazest
Portili Team Wiki 1736Details for Portili Team Wiki
Aneuch 1692Details for Aneuch
JOTWiki 1645Details for JOTWiki
WikiNi 1638Details for WikiNi
LynxWiki 1611Details for LynxWiki
Hackpad 1599Details for Hackpad
Papyrs 1573Details for Papyrs
cyWiki 1548Details for cyWiki
Bloomfire 1537Details for Bloomfire
Wiki Spot 1484Details for Wiki Spot
UniWakka 1464Details for UniWakka
KeiSpade 1459Details for KeiSpade
Wiki on a Stick 1410Details for Wiki on a Stick
Wiclear 1361Details for Wiclear
WikiASP 1354Details for WikiASP
yawiki 1336Details for yawiki
Muster Wiki 1308Details for Muster Wiki
Wicked 1276Details for Wicked
mobiki 1209Details for mobiki
WiGit 1194Details for WiGit
Wala Wiki 1146Details for Wala Wiki
WordonWiki 1130Details for WordonWiki
WikyBlog 1108Details for WikyBlog 1076Details for
Wikepage 1027Details for Wikepage
Wiki-Toolkit 970Details for Wiki-Toolkit
WikiCrowd 964Details for WikiCrowd
MoasdaWiki 880Details for MoasdaWiki
WikiPack 824Details for WikiPack
Wiki CSharp .NET 705Details for Wiki CSharp .NET
WikiSH 698Details for WikiSH
LunaWiki 148Details for LunaWiki
@Wiki 61Details for @Wiki
SMW plus 18Details for SMW plus
Springnote 16Details for Springnote
3F Wiki 11Details for 3F Wiki
MiWiKi 11Details for MiWiKi
MicKI 7Details for MicKI
BusinessWiki 5Details for BusinessWiki
Metadot Wiki 5Details for Metadot Wiki