Programming Languages

Wikis are a common software today. You will probably find a wiki implementation in every available programming language.

The majority of the engines listed on WikiMatrix are written in platform independent languages like PHP, Python, Perl or Java. This makes the deployment of wikis easy in heterogeneous networks.

Please note that different versions of the same programming language where combined in the graph, for a better overview.

Chart (Top 5) :

All Data:

Language Count
PHP 39Search for PHP based wikis
Java 29Search for Java based wikis
C 26Search for C based wikis
Perl 14Search for Perl based wikis
C# 12Search for C# based wikis
Python 11Search for Python based wikis
JavaScript 7Search for JavaScript based wikis
ASP 5Search for ASP based wikis
Ruby 4Search for Ruby based wikis
Rails 3Search for Rails based wikis
Smalltalk 2Search for Smalltalk based wikis
ColdFusion 1Search for ColdFusion based wikis
Not relevant (completely self-contained) 1Search for Not relevant (completely self-contained) based wikis
C++ 1Search for C++ based wikis
XoTcl 1Search for XoTcl based wikis
tdbengine/EASY 1Search for tdbengine/EASY based wikis
Tcl 1Search for Tcl based wikis
Shell 1Search for Shell based wikis
REBOL 0Search for REBOL based wikis