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BlueSpice is the MediaWiki based enterprise wiki.

BlueSpice free offers e.g. easy editing (WYSIWYG), extended search (Elasticsearch), administration backend (i.e. user, group and namespace management), authentification (SAML/LDAP/Single sign on), document reviews, advanced quality assurance and communication tools (blog, discussions). BlueSpice as a stable, tested and scalable version offers even more like extended workflows, reviewing, approval processes, export and book functionalities, editorial functions and more. With the subscription you keep the software up-to-date and include the latest features.

MediaWiki user can upgrade their wiki to a professional enterprise wiki.

Installation, migration, skinning, customizing and support - Hallo Welt! offers lots of services and special solutions like SAAS and also content packages.

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BlueSpice MediaWiki is the 33rd most popular Wiki on WikiMatrix.

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