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Corendal Wiki is the open source version of a Wiki application that is used internally by a real world company. This wiki is different from other wiki applications because it is dedicated to Corporate environments:

  • the interface is very clean and simple
  • no wiki syntax to learn, a WYSIWYG rich text editor is used instead
  • no user management is required. The application connects in REAL TIME with Active Directory to reuse accounts AND groups. As far as I know, this is the only Wiki integrating with Active Directory groups (even recursive groups). Local groups and local accounts can also be created
  • NTLM can be used to authenticate users. You can limit NTLM to ranges to IP addresses
  • all articles have a hierarchy, keeping the content manageable.
  • all articles have a clear and meaningful URL
  • users can get notified of updates using a subscriptions mechanism. Notifications can be delivered immediately, daily or weekly
  • several levels of read access settings can be selected. You can make a page readable by all, readable for a group of users, or even searchable only by a group of users
  • several levels of write access settings can be selected. You can make a page freely updatable, require approval being publication, or blocked
  • user proxies can be created
  • full text search is available, with word suggestion for spelling errors. Sequences of words can be searched
  • it works with Tomcat and MySQL, but works just as well with Oracle 10g and Oracle Application Server
  • the layout can be customized (the application uses Velocity templates and CSS)
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