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Unique Features: Erfurtwiki is the only wiki that RENDERS INTO ONE SINGLE PHP-FUNCTION. It can therefore be used from any other CMS. Features that clearly separate it from other Wikis:

  • does not impose any pre-defined layout
  • it is extremely flexible and featureful (but not too big)
  • well documented and structured
  • contained within a single file and lots of plugins
  • it is rather fast - uses regexs too, but the formatting kernel uses the simple and quick string functions
  • ewiki is Public Domain and not GPL like 98% of all other Wiki implementations
  • provides case-insensitive Wiki links, multiple database backends, and all extended features are optional (a very exhaustive plugin interface, and over 200 ready to use plugins)
  • highlights: WikiCommander, OpenSearch, WikiSync, PHP-RPC database, PingBack, TextUpload, click-and-run .xpi plugins, image upload, GaGaLinks, XFN, CSS markup, WikiScript (not yet), TCN, and in-page-macros: TableEditor, WebDAV, etc...

NOTE: Due to lack of time, Erfurtwiki is not actively maintained any more. However, its codebase still provides some very unique features, which make it suitable for special usecases.

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ErfurtWiki Screenshot ErfurtWiki Screenshot ErfurtWiki Screenshot ErfurtWiki Screenshot