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JSPWiki is wiki software built around the standard JEE components of Java, servlets and JSP. It was originally written by Janne Jalkanen and released under the LGPL.

Since July 2013, JSPWiki is a top level project (TLP) at the Apache Software Foundation. Newer (and future) releases are released under the Apache Licence 2.0.

Janne Jalkanen started developing JSPWiki in 2001. This software is used by many different companies and universities, primarily as a project wiki or a knowledge management application. Sun Microsystems has integrated JSPWiki into their portal server software. Due to its easy installation, many people also use it privately to organize their personal information (for example, as a PIM - Personal Information Manager). It can also be used to create a blog because of its blog plugin and RSS support.

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JSPWiki is the 19th most popular Wiki on WikiMatrix.

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