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PodWiki is a wiki software written in perl for advanced users while providing many features suitable for the average user. PodWiki is driven by POD, which is the standard markup of perlmodule documentation (see: http://perldoc.perl.org/perlpod.html). It is fully customizable, PodWiki always loads a standard auto-load page from which the whole stuff (as headers, content, stylesheet and so forth) can be included - which makes it possible to build a wiki site in any design you like.

If a page is not written in POD, PodWiki loads the default wiki markup interpreter, whcih can of course be configured. By default Creole 0.3 is the standard markup. Beside Creole PodWiki understands TWiki, TikiWiki, Wikishorthand. You can also include html, plain text and even perl code to PodWiki pages.

PodWiki provides authentication and authorization features. Pages can be read and/or write protected for a user or a whole group. You can also make the whole site read-only, this way it looks for outside visitors like any website not like a wiki.

From the administration panel you can create attribute categories and attributes which can be assigned to wiki pages.

One primary focus of development was to maintain an installation as simple as possible. Therefore it comes with all required perl modules and the install procedure is very easy (configure && make install - that's it!).

Data will be stored on disk and versioned using RCS, which is available on almost every unix system these days.

You can see a full functional demo site of the latest version here: http://www.linden.at/.

Visit Website: daemon.de/PodWiki

PodWiki is the 54th most popular Wiki on WikiMatrix.

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