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TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki and web application platform. The structured wiki is typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Users without programming skills can create web applications that run on TWiki. Developers can extend the functionality of TWiki with Plugins. Administrators can tailor their TWiki installation with over 400 extensions available from

TWiki is the most popular wiki used behind corporate firewall; it gets downloaded 3,000 times a month and is in use by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Some TWiki deployments behind corporate firewall have over 500,000 pages and more than 20,000 registered users.

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TWiki with Plugins and add-ons has many features not compared in the WikiMatrix, such as action tracking, barcode generation, blogging, calendaring, charting, conditional text, database access, Extreme Programming tracking, global search & replace, image gallery, LaTeX support, mail into wiki pages, page hierarchy, platform to build wiki applications, slideshow presentations, spreadsheet calculations, table editor, tagging, web form handling and reporting (with TWikiForms and FormattedSearch), word alias support, XML and XSL transformations, and more.

TWiki is maintained by an active community for over 10 years. The primary focus of the community since a fork in 2008 is usability and quality, which results in releases that are more usable with each release. Many consultants can help you deploy TWiki at work.

TWiki scales well. Morgan Stanley contributed code to make TWiki scale to 20K people on a load-balanced and distributed system.

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