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Wiclear has strong support for the following : hierarchical structure, linked translations, easy themability, easy plugin creation. Wiclear is still in early development and has few editing features compared to other wiki engines.

Its main goals are described above, but I'd like to highlight the "linked translation" feature which I think is quite unique : When you edit your preferences, you choose of course a preferred language for the interface, but you also choose your preferred language for the content as well. Then, when you start browsing the site, Wiclear shows you the content in your preferred language when it's available or switch back to the default lang if the page was not translated yet. This is the admins who choose which language is the default language and which other languages are authorized for the content. Of course you can decide to view a page in another language if you wish to do so.

The "hierarchical feature" let you organize your page so that a page is always the child of another one. You can see it as subdirectories. With this feature, you can browse the site in two ways : Either by clicking on wiki links, or by using the "sub nodes" and "parent nodes" boxes which show you where you are in the arborescence all the time. That's also very easy to generate a site plan out of it. Orphaned page just don't exist by construction.

I will finish with the three latest plugins :

  • "Attachments" (which is likely to become native) which allows one to attach files to page, browse them, or browse all files uploaded in the upload directory. The browser handles mime type showing you icons of recognized file types.
  • "Trackback" which allows you to handles trackbacks in your wiki (you can ping other sites and receive trackbacks from them). This feature was available only in blog site until now.
  • "Wikiblog" which turns your wiki into a blog with all wiki features available : calendar, categories, archives ...

Wiclear also features an extendable Wiki engine called "WikiRenderer" so that you can customize the wiki syntax. So in fact, editing possibilities are just infinite, and it's a matter of time before having better editing support. My priorities are just on other features than wiki syntax at the moment. A user promised me an edit toolbar, so I guess I will have one soon.

Wiclear is young, it's likely you will find bugs in it, but hey, I'm here to correct them ! ;-)

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