Listing Consultant Services

The WikiMatrix Consultant Marketplace is the best way to make your Wiki services known to a wide audience. Wiki developers often point their users directly to WikiMatrix when asked about professional services for their Wiki.

Basic Entry

A basic entry lists your company details and informs potential customers which services you provide and what Wikis you're an expert in. Your contact details are readily available so customers can contact you directly. The basic listing is completely free. It's a good way to start.

The Marketplace will only show a limited amount of basic consultants at a time and the order is randomized. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you should consider upgrading to a premium entry.

To get started with a basic entry, simply create a new user account, log in and fill in your entry.

Premium Entry

A premium entry allows you to add your company logo and a personalized description to your listing. Premium entries are always shown first and have a more prominent styling.

Premium Entries are also listed directly on the detail page of the Wikis you're an expert in. This way when someone is looking at "Wiki X" they will see that you provide services for "Wiki X" right away.

Premium entries start at 5 EUR per month and use a pick your own price model. The higher the amount you pay, the higher your listing is shown.

To create your premium entry, simply start with a basic entry and upgrade it. Payment is handled via Paypal.

If you have any question about premium consultant entries, send us an email at


Besides your contact data, your entry requires an URL pointing to a website of yours.

To make the life of your potential customers easier, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Users will arrive at your site with a very clear usecase in mind and that most probably involves a specific Wiki. Therefore, the page you're linking to should list your Wiki services and the Wikis you support.

  • If you provide services world-wide, be sure to link to the English version of your page.

  • Consider creating a special landing page just for visitors coming from WikiMatrix to address users coming from here directly.

  • We use your website to decide if it's a legitimate entry. If we're not convinced that it is a Wiki related business, we will block the entry. If your page is not in English, make sure it's accessible for machine translation or we might not be able to read it.