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ButorWiki is a pure Java wiki/CMS engine and it is an open source project. ButorWiki repository is file system based. It use simply the file system folders and files to manage content. No database are required.

Its content are realtime indexed for search (can index files: wiki, text, html, pdf, office (doc, xls, ppt, pps) & compatible).

Its integrated file manager let manage resources, upload files, reorganize content.

Its WYSIWYG editor simplify page editing.

It is very simple to install ButorWiki, it is packaged in a web-app (war file) and does not need any external resources. A default repository (www.butor.com template) are available that can be installed and customized.

Visit Website: butor.com/showpage.do

ButorWiki is the 81st most popular Wiki on WikiMatrix.

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