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A PHP/DBA-based Web 2.0 framework, PageWork is a wiki that focuses on fast content delivery as well as an adaptable code library. It explicitly separates the volatile run-time environment of hosted sites from the encapsulated said library, and thereby emphasizes the idea of wiki farming.

All pages and files undergo revision control. In combination with users and groups, access to resources is controlled by ACLs that resemble traditional Unix file access permissions. Features include tagging, front-end/back-end separation, SEO, media and meta data management, comments, breadcrumbs, bookmarks, templates, personal memos, Atom/RSS feeds, resource caching, as well as site-wise and personal customization.

The default software distribution is based on PHP's DBA architecture, and prefers Berkeley DB or qdbm as its native data storage. However, the underlying storage technology can be customized or replaced.

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