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Papyrs makes it easy to build a team wiki or company intranet site. Get more productive with an internal base for all knowledge and work better together with co-workers or clients. Everyone will be on the same page, even when working remotely.

Create internal pages and share whatever you need to work together: documentation, notes, files, checklists, news, videos, (HR) forms, databases, calendars, and more. Straightforward permissions and subsites ensure everyone can find and access just what's relevant to them. Find-as-you-type search makes it fast to find everything back.

Easy to use and set up without the need for any technical knowledge. It's all drag&drop. For power users there's also keyboard shortcuts and Markdown support: simply switch between visual editing and Markdown at any time.

Also includes social features like discussions, feeds, staff profiles, reactions, polls and social media widgets.

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Papyrs Screenshot Papyrs Screenshot Papyrs Screenshot Papyrs Screenshot